The Eighteen Century was not only the cradle for the Enlightenment Movement, but it also marked the origin of the "Literary Café".

The Cafés were places chosen for the exchange of ideas and opinions; they were the centre of the social life for the most illustrious personalities in Europe.

The locations were furnished with tables, sofas, mirrors and paintings, to mimic middle-class living rooms where coffee could be enjoyed just like at home: 
the coffee ritual was no longer only a family experience, but a social one.
Among the many popular Cafès in Italy, the oldest was established in Venice in 1720. Originally named "Alla Venezia Trionfante", it is nowadays the famous "Cafè Floriàn".
Many artists and writers like Goldoni, Foscolo, Rosseau and Dikens,
used to drink here their coffee, taking part of a century-old tradition of cultural and political activism in front of the cup


"Il Caffè è il luogo più adatto per uniformarci a tutto ciò che è nuovo."
Stefan Sweig

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