Many legends surround the origins of coffee,
but the story of Kaldi the shepherd is one of the best known.


One day Kaldi was taking care of the goats in the Chehodet Monastery,
and he noticed that, after eating some berries, they were particularly viviacious.
Kaldi, curious, took the misterious berries to the Monastery for examination. 
The monks decided to roast the beans, grind them and put them in hot water.
The delicious aroma of coffee spread all around...and coffee was born!
Drinking coffee became essential in keeping the monks awake for their long night prayers, and in now time the beverage was well known everywere.
Even today, coffee is a fundamental part of the morning routine,
but there is much more to it than caffeine….the science of coffee
tells us it is also an antioxidant, a liver protector and an antidepressant.

  Coffee: the "magical" beverage with a thousand virtues!

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