The Caffeine is know not only for its stimulating effect, eliminating the sleep but also as a stimulating for the creativity.
Infact many artists used to drink more coffee to be inspired.
Honore de Balzac a famous French writer,
said to drink fifty cup of coffee a day.
But his love of the coffee was great and
so he wrote an article named  "the pleasure and pains of coffee",
explaing in detail how you can obtain more caffeine with a few water.
Rossini, the great italian composed, wrote his operas
thanks to the power of the caffeine.
But there are more names of coffee lovers in the arts as:
Voltaire, Goethe, Dickens, Proust, Goldoni, ecc

So the creativity replaces the tiredness!


"Il caffè giunge nello stomaco e tutto mette in movimento : le idee avanzano come battaglioni di un grande esercito sul campo di battaglia; questa ha inizio....i pensieri geniali e subitanei si precipitano nella mischia come tiratori scelti..."

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