Drinking coffee  is not only a pleasent routine, but  it is also a celebration
handed down from generation to gereration in many countries of the world. 

In the Ethiopian culture, for exaple, people celebrate the "Buna" 
gathering around a small altar decorated with leaves and flowers, to thank Nature for the gift of the coffee plants.
During this ritual, the coffee beans are roasted on the charcoal fire,
and they are passed among the guests to be blessed.
At the end  of the celebration the ground coffee is put in the coffeepot,

so the delicious beverage  is ready to be enjoyed!
But there is more: in the Turkish tradition a woman may refuse the marriage proposal 
with a simple and funny method:a pinch of salt in the pretender's coffee.


The traditions are counltess and diverse,

but they all celebrate the coffee ritual as a moment of  peace and commonality
with the loved ones.

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