Our History: in Venice

The plant of coffee was initially considered as medicine, but one morning in 1570
the Venetians discovered for the first time
the strong aroma of coffee,
and it was love at the first cup.
In 1683 in Piazza San Marco
the first “coffee shop” opened its doors, and many followed: the Venetian style of blending and roasting was born.

We make coffee here, in Venice,
where the History of Coffee was born, and where we have our roots.
The Venetian spirit and craftsmanship
are renewed in three blends of coffee
inspired by traditional aromas:
Ridolfo, Lisaura and Leandro!


"La tentazione del caffè non nasce dal suo sapore, che lascia una traccia di fumo e brace nel ricordo, ma dalla sua intensa e misteriosa fragranza da bosco millenario."

Isabel Allende, Afrodita, 1998

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