Our passion for Carlo Goldoni,  the famous Venetian playwright, 
is not only for his "Bottega del Caffè" but also for the Carnival-themed plays.
Carlo Goldoni wrote his famous comedy "The Masquerade" in 1751. Until then, the plays were based exclusively on the traditional masks – Pulcinella, Colombina, Arlecchino –
that still today animate the Venetian Carnival.
With "The Masquerade", however, Goldoni introduced to the stage realistic characters, changing Italian Comedy of Art forever.


Venice in those years of the Eighteen century was transformed by masks,
theater and Carnival into a place of infinite charm and imagination.

Everything seemed possible.

Venice today is still that very city, the most beautiful in the world,
where every year, for a few days in February,
a great euphoria spreads in the streets and evokes the magical atmosphere
of the past times.

Happy Carnival!

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