Drinking Coffee: Austrian's  favorite indoor sport...




There are two different version on the origins of typical Viennese Cafè, both linked to the second siege of the Turks in Vienna in 1683.  
According to the most likely version, the first coffee house was opened in 1685,
when the Armenian Johannes Diobato
obtained the license from Emperor Leopold I to open a Turkish café.
The other, more “folkloristic”, version states that in 1683
the retreating Turks left 500 bags of coffee behind.
Polish diplomat Joseph Kolschitzky found them and used them
 to open the first Cafè in Vien!
Originally the cafes’ décor was bare and simple,
but became richer and richer with the spreading of the Baroque fashion,
enhancing its living-room atmosphere with board games, chess, newspapers.
The Viennese café, just like the traditional “Caffetteria Veneziana”,
was a meeting place for people to read newspapers, and play cards or pool.

If nowadays in Italian bars the espresso is usually drank quickly,
standing by the counter, Viennese Cafes are still places
to relax, to chat, to “waste time”…all  following the Austrian saying:  
"Gott gab uns die Zeit, von der Eile hat er nicht gesprochen"
"God gave us time, but of the haste he did not speak "!

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