...do as the Romans do!



Coffee is an everyday pleasure enjoyed all over the world.

The popularity of coffee is so vast that its consumption is part of many traditions,
in very different cultures.
Of course, its preparation varies according to the different customs around the planet! 

In Germany you can order the Eiskaffe, a coffee with cream and ice cream,
or a Pharisäer if you feel like adding a touch of rum.
In the Usa we can drink  the “Gibraltar”, coffee  with a drop of milk, 
similar to the one belonging to the Italian tradition, while the Red Eye,
being a combination of espresso and Americano,
is more sutable for the caffeine-addict. 

In Spain we find a coffee similar to the Italian macchiato:
it's the Cortado, with equal quantity of milk and coffee.
If you love sweetness and too much caffeine makes you shaky,
"Cafè con miel" or "Cafè Bon Bon
are the right choices for you: 
combinations of italian espresso and honey or condensed milk.

The coffee tradition may vary from place to place,
but one thing is sure: you will find a nice cup of coffee everywhere you go! 

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