The practice called "Caffè Sospeso" was born in Naples during the Second World War.
It consists in ordering a coffee and paying for two,
leaving a "pending coffee" in the bar for those in economic difficulties
who will come later in the day.
 A small gesture of kindness. 
The "Caffè Sospeso" spread quickly among the population of Naples
and became a tradition in other parts of Italy, as well. 
This practice had been almost entirely forgotten
during the Eighties and Nineties,
but recently it has become popular again:
today the "Caffè Sospeso Network", involves bars in all corners of the world, from Spain to Sweden, from Brazil to Australia. 
The practice was also extended to other objects,
such as the "Libro sospeso (pending book)",
and the "Poesia sospesa (pending poem)". 

Traditions change, but solidarity stays!


"I sorsi di caffè napoletano: brevi, gustosi, ma capaci di salire nelle vicinanze del cervello e fargli un po’ di sano solletico."

Luciano de Crescenzo

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